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Victor van der Chijs appointed as vice speaker ECIU Consortium

ECIU Network

April 25, 2016

University of Twente

In cooperation with the current Speaker, professor Lluis Tort, Vice-Chancellor of UAB Barcelona, Van der Chijs will further develop the Consortium. Together they will focus on strengthening the already existing collaborations in innovating educational models, in enlarging the societal impact of research and the connection with the industry and in enhancing cooperation in entrepreneurship.

In addition, the effort is to realize a permanent presence of the ECIU in Brussels, to increase the impact of the consortium in EU policies. ECIU also aims to collaborate in the field of research, first deployed by encouraging and facilitating encounters, making it possible for scientists to share their knowledge and second by making research funds, such as COFUND, available.

During an extra high level Board Meeting in September in Amsterdam, the Chancellors and Presidents of the ECIU members will decide on the concrete activities to realize the ambitions.

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University of Twente

University of Twente is a university located in Enschede, Netherlands and partner of the European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU).