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ECIU is a strong advocate in Brussels for innovative universities. We believe that close collaboration across Europe between cities and regions, businesses, and citizens, coupled with bold educational innovations are essential for our learners, teachers, researchers and society in general.

ECIU works together with European stakeholders, policy makers, politicians and opinion leaders to further develop innovative universities. e.g. in European knowledge programmes, like Erasmus+ and Horizon Europe.

ECIU has an office in Brussels, headed by Olga Wessels, to closely follow-up on all the latest EU programmes and R&I Policy developments. In addition, we also have an expert group on R&I Policy and Programmes' with our institutional experts. Within the network, ECIU members seek joint action towards the European institutions to influence the debate on European funding programmes and policy. Here, ECIU with its specific profile can offer a unique view on the needs for modern and innovative universities.

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The ECIU Expert Group R&I Policy and Programmes

The ECIU Expert Group R&I Policy and Programmes (R&I Group) is open to all research managers and administrators working on funding support (pre- and post-award), from member universities of ECIU.  

Aims of the group are to:

  • Foster best-practice exchange
  • Support ECIU initiatives related to EU affairs
  • Strategic foresight and proactive identification of funding opportunities and coordinate joint proposals

The members are:

  • Jörg Langwaldt, Tampere University (Chair)
  • Anne D. Sand, Anne Britt Larsson, Aalborg University
  • Nuria Claver, Autonomous University of Barcelona
  • Rachel Barrett, Lianna Drummand, Dublin City University
  • Laure Fabre, Sebastièn Leveneur, INSA Group
  • Vilma Karobliené, Oksana Palekiene, Kaunas University of Technology
  • Svjetlana Stekovic, Agneta Jansson, Linköping University
  • Kyrre Aas, Troels Gyde Jacobsen, Karelle Ingrid Gilbert-Soni, Stavanger University
  • Roberto Rodríguez, TEC de Monterrey
  • Monica Schofield, Technical University of Hamburg
  • Luísa Sal, Vera Fernandes, Miguel Conceição, University of Aveiro
  • Vanessa Ravagni, Laura Paternoster, University of Trento
  • Telma Esteves, Maria-Luisa Carosso, University of Twente