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Free Internships at the Campus Querétaro in Mexico

May 9, 2016


Free Internships at the Campus Querétaro in Mexico



May 9, 2016

The Business Faculty at Tecnológico de Monterrey – Campus Querétaro is one of the largest groups of business educators and students in México and is committed to extending he boundaries of business and education.

Querétaro is the best option for a business internship because 20 of the most important industrial parks, including the best in Latin America, are located here.

This opportunity takes you into a local, regional or national corporation where you obtain practical hands-on experience; experience, which is particularly beneficial as it is not normally obtained prior to graduation. Whilst most Business internships required Advanced Spanish, there are some options available in English. Usually non-salaried position, interns:

Are exposed to the ins and outs of doing business with Mexico

Gain valuable on-the-job training and an understanding of international business strategies

Develop personal relationships with local business people

Vastly improve their Spanish speaking skills

Add this priceless experience to their resume

If you are interested, please  fill out the application form (you can download it by clicking on the link below) and send it to  Alfredo Teisser fateissie@itesm.mx.

For Summer 2016 (June or June & July) the deadline is May 9th.

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