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EU Commissioner: ECIU University is testbed for the future

June 8, 2020


EU Commissioner: ECIU University is testbed for the future

EU Affairs


June 8, 2020

Education and research innovations at the ECIU University could pave the way for further development in European higher education,

says EU Commissioner Mariya Gabriel.

Friday, 5 June the ECIU Presidium had a meeting with Mariya Gabriel, EU Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, on the future of Higher Education in Europe. The participants discussed the role of the European Universities initiative in the future of European Higher Education and the urgent need for innovation to counter the economic impact in post COVID-19 period.

In the meeting, the President of European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU) Victor Van Der Chijs, Vice-President Per Michael Johansen, Treasurer Màrius Martínez and ECIU University Project Director Sander Lotze shared the Consortium vision about the future of European Universities. Discussion topics included the challenge-based learning, blended mobility, micro-credentials and lifelong learning: the opportunities that the ECIU University is now is piloting.

Ms. Gabriel was very positive about the ECIU University’s front runner role, especially in micro-credentialing process and asked the ECIU to stay actively involved in discussions around European Research Area, European Higher Education area and Europe’s Digital agendas.  The education and research innovations now being implemented at the ECIU University can act as a testbed and pave the way for further development in all European Higher Education Area, as well as become a catalyst for social innovations in Europe. She encouraged the ECIU University to stay in a close dialogue with the European Commission on the future of universities in Europe.

The ECIU university has a very ambitious and deep vision to remodel the European Higher Education and to establish a true European University where learners, researchers, business, public organizations and citizens create relevant innovative solutions for real life challenges with real societal impact. The ECIU university partners will use the challenge-based concept and the collaboration with stakeholders to support the resilience of the regions and gear them towards innovation and economic regional growth

The ECIU University is an EU-funded initiative of the Alliance of 12 universities in the European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU) that creates a ground-breaking and innovative educational model on a European scale.

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