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About the programme

The ECIU has adopted a Staff Mobility Programme which aims at increasing the mobility among administrative members of staff. The programme provides opportunities for support staff to spend time at other ECIU institutions through a programme tailor-made to individual staff member’s development needs.

The Aim of the ECIU University Researcher Mobility Fund

Who can apply

Funding available

Research fields supported

Examples of exchanges supported by RMF

Participants are encouraged to explore different types of exchanges, based on their needs, including but not limited to following examples:

What can the funding be spent on

The RMF in general is used for outgoing travels and associated subsistence costs to visit member or associate member institutions of the ECIU University. Each member institution is responsible for awarding grants to applicants from the same institution, according to its own financing rules and regulations.

The funding in principle covers following types of costs and expenditure:

The funding in principle does not cover following types of costs and expenditure:

Duration of stay at a member institution


How to apply and evaluation of your application


"It was a great opportunity for me and I am really looking back at this time with great pleasure. Working for two months in another environment makes you think out of the box and was very inspiring for me. I worked closely together with the Research & Knowledge Exchange Services (RKES) and the University Library. We shared experiences on topics like the role of universities in capacity development in less developed countries and on data management policy. I am still in touch with some of the staff from this university.”

Marga Koelen
University of Twente

Host institution
University of Strathclyde, UK