“Being at the very front of entrepreneurship”


Entrepreneurship and Societal Impact of Research - ESIR is one of the two main activities for ECIU. The Expert Group, presently lead by University of Stavanger, is meeting several times a year to discuss activities in the different working groups. It is addressing areas as:

  • Several ECIU members are currently evaluating a student-business interaction concept called DEMOLA™ that some partners have already implemented at their institutions.
  • Using HEInnovate as an approach in understanding how ECIU members are assessing themselves. HEInnovate is a self-assessment tool for Entrepreneurial Higher Education Institutions. It is an initiative of the European Commission, DG Education and Culture and the OECD LEED forum, and supported by a panel of six independent experts.
  • A short survey between members about their role in the Smart Specialisation Strategy (S3) was presented to the European Commission at an ECIU workshop in April 2015.
ECIU Workshop in April 2015

Activities of the Expert Group

  • sharing best practices for entrepreneurship and interaction with the surroundings
  • establishing collaboration platforms for innovation and entrepreneurial activities
  • TTO working group (main role: Monitor the ECIU Discovery Journey Programme (coordinated by DCY Ryan Academy
  • IPR Group  (Best practice on IP issues such as IP in H2020, IP of guest researchers, open data, contact)
  • addressing academics, staff and students
  • addressing more specifically:
  • - university governance and entrepreneurial mind-set
  • - regional innovation eco-system and stakeholder engagement
  • - sustainable societal development
  • - funding

Our Members of the Expert Group

Andreas Timm-Giel
Hamburg University of Technology
Vice-Rector Research
Antonio Pita
Tecnológico de Monterrey
Liaison Officer Tec de Monterrey, Switzerland
Deiric O'Broin
Dublin City University
Head of Social Enterprise and Acting Head of Civic Engagement
Eduardo Anselmo Castro
University of Aveiro
Felipe Teles
University of Aveiro
Iván Martínez
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Research Manager Office
Jan Axelsson
Linköping University
Director of Valorisation
Marc Lethiecq
Institut National des Sciences Appliquées
Head of Education
Mindaugas Bulota
Kaunas University of Technology
Head of KTU National Innovation and Entrepreneuship Center
Morten Dahlgaard
Aalborg University
Head of AAU Innovation
Pauli Kuosmanen
Tampere University
Roberto Napoli
University of Trento
Head of Innovation Olympics
Troels Gyde Jacobsen
University of Stavanger
Director of Research and Innovation
Wilbert Pontenagel
University of Twente
Open Innovation and Industry Connection, Kennispark Twente

Examples how we challenge conventional thinking

strategies for the promotion and development of entrepreneurship and social innovation
through differentiated actions and qualifying and business incubation spaces.

AAU Innovation
Kennispark Twente
Technological Platforms
Eugenio-Garza Laguera Entrepreneurship Institute
Special entrepreneurship programme for families
Global Entrepreneurship Monitoring Survey

AAU Innovation

AAU Innovation facilitates knowledge collaboration at all levels. The colleagues at AAU work intensively to develop new concepts for knowledge dissemination and bridge building to businesses, organizations and educational institutions, and make experience and expertise available to others.

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The three point project Triangulum is one of the three European Smart Cities and Communities Lighthouse Projects, set to demonstrate, disseminate and replicate solutions and frameworks for Europe’s future smart cites. Stavanger as one of the Triangulum flagships cities serves as a testbed   innovative projects, focusing on sustainable mobility, energy, ICT and business opportunities.

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Kennispark Twente

Kennispark Twente is the largest innovation campus in the Netherlands, see Twente Facts & Figures.
Some recent eye catchers of Twente start-ups can be seen on the right.

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  • Clearflight Solutions; RoboBirds to keep real life birds away from airports, waste disposal areas and agricultural hotspots
  • Homey raised more than 200k€ via Homey Kickstarter
  • Printr an innovative business concept to further develop the use of 3D printing possibilities and to make optimal use of available 3D printing capacity throughout the world
  • Twente       Drone is a big Hit in the US

Technological Platforms

Technological Platforms: The purpose of this initiative is to strengthen the bond between the University of Aveiro and businesses by promoting R&D projects and stimulating  complementary activities aiming at promoting economic benefit both for UA and companies. Currently, there are 7 technological platforms in several economic fields.

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Technology-Based Entrepreneurship Course (CEBT)

Technology-Based Entrepreneurship Course (CEBT): This joint initiative of the University of Aveiro, and two other universities located in the centro region of Portugal (Beira Interior and Coimbra), together with the Centro Region Business Council/Center Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CEC/CCIC). These entities joined efforts in 2006 with the objective of stimulating the capacities and skills needed to create technology based companies. Since its creation, this course accounts with 10 editions, including two Iberian editions (in 2012 and 2014), in association with the Universidad Pontifica de Salamanca, the Fundación General de la Universidad de León y de la Empresa, the Fundación General de la Universidad de Valladolid and the Fundación General de la Universidad de Salamanca. By means of an innovative methodology, based on workshops, mentoring and coaching sessions, boasting a team of professors and mentors with vast know-how and experience in entrepreneurship and innovation, CEBT has invested in a practical component as a factor for differentiation, in order to promote the development of new spin-offs. CEBT is aimed for higher education students, recent graduates, postgraduate students, senior staff and management in companies.

Eugenio-Garza Laguera Entrepreneurship Institute

TEC de Monterrey started it's Entrepreneurship program in 1978 and has grown into an Entrepreneurship Institute which is the largest institute of its kind in Latin America. It is called the Eugenio-Garza Laguera Entrepreneurship Institute and the following link gives some highlights of the institute and the Eco-Entrepreneurship System that is behind it.

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Special entrepreneurship programme for families

TEC de Monterrey started a couple of years ago a special entrepreneurship programme for families, so it has diversified its experience in order to directly impact society. 

Business Incubator of the region of Aveiro (IERA):

Business Incubator of the region of Aveiro (IERA): This incubator with branches in all Municipalities of the region of Aveiro and it was promoted by the different Municipalities, the CIRA (Comunidade Intermunicipal da Região de Aveiro), the Industrial Association of Aveiro District (AIDA) and the University of Aveiro. It aims to economically empower the territorial strategies for the promotion and development of entrepreneurship and social innovation through differentiated actions and qualifying and business incubation spaces.

Eugenio-Garza Laguera Entrepreneurship Institute

TEC de Monterrey belongs to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitoring Survey that,  since 1999, has been collecting, analysing and interpreting data across the world on the capacity of individuals to act entrepreneurially (i.e., pro-actively, innovatively and responsibly). The survey, which started as an initiative of two researchers(Michael Hay, London Business School, and Bill Bygrave, Babson College) in 1997, by asking a simple question (”Why are some countries more entrepreneurial than others?”), evolved into a globalsurvey conducted annually, which addresses all the regions in the world (Africa, Latin America & Caribbean, Asia & Oceania, Europe, North America). The 2014 GEM survey covered 73 economies, representing 72.4% of the world’s population and 90% of the world’s GDP and it was designed, edited and published by the TEC.

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Twente is specialized in a broad financing network to support start-up companies in various growth fases. see Loan, Subsidy, Equity and other arrangements available in the Twente Kennispark Ecosystem.

  • Twente TOP Program (Temporary entrepreneur
    ('Ondernemer' in Dutch) Position, with an impressive TOP track record
  • Cottonwood Technology Investment Fund decided to locate their European Hub for investment in growth opportunities at Kennispark Twente
  • The first and only Dutch Student Investment Fund; for students and run by students


TEC de Monterrey created an entrepreneurship event called INCmty, which is an unparalleled entrepreneurship festival in Latin America where entrepreneurs, innovators, investors and organisms from the entrepreneurial scene gather, learn, network and launch initiatives. In the first event forty start-ups were launched, in the second sixty were created and the expectation is that 100 start-up will be created in the 2015 edition which will be held on November 20-22 in Monterrey.

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We also challenge conventional thinking in