Minor Programme

High Tech Talent Management in a Global Context

This module equips students to (effectively) manage talent in today’s global organizations. It explores the principles of human resource management in a global economy, IT implementation, organizational effectiveness, and cross-cultural communication and management.

Bachelor final year

Faculty of Behavioural Management and Social Sciences

Applied Sciences 


Quartile 1B - 2019

120 EC from their bachelor level qualifications, from social & engineering sciences


IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL iBT 80

To be paid at home institution

The Courses

-  structure and organization of modern TM based on institutional theories,

-  TM conceptualizations, -  on-line recruitment, on-line employer branding

-  successful in-flow of Talent: indicators and factors

Component 2: Trough-flow of Talent in organizations:

-  modern forms of TMT based on culturalist approaches,

-  development and retention of global talent,

-  training of Talent in a business context,

-  successful through-flow of Talent: indicators and factors

Component 3: IT role in Talent Development:

-  IT implementations: theories and practice,

-  e-training value creation,

-  technological and human sides of e-training in organisations,

-  divergence and convergence in e-training implementations

Component 4: IT role in Talent Recruitment:

-  e-recruitment in a (cross-cultural) context,

-  main trends, advantages, limitations, best practices

-  e-recruitment and HR practices transfer,

-  navigation to attract talent in companies

Component 5: Leadership skills in TM; cross-cultural communication skills

Project: to analyze best practices for on-line employer branding (Social Media, Web-based, intranets); and to design an on-line assessment tool for performance management of TM

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To apply for an exchange programme, you will have to follow these seven steps:

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4. Assessment phase: 4 - 2 months before arrival

5. Acceptance or rejection: 3 - 2 months before arrival

6. Preparation to arrival phase: 3 - 1 month(s) before arrival

7. Upon arrival and during your stay at the UT

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