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TUT ranked the world's best for international student satisfaction with facilities and educational technology

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April 12, 2018

April 12, 2018

Tampere University

The latest International Student Barometer (ISB) demonstrates that the international students at TUT report the world’s highest levels of satisfaction with their university in the categories for virtual learning, the physical library and technology. TUT also had the highest score in Europe for teaching and course organization.

​The International Student Barometer (ISB) is an extensive international survey that explores the levels of satisfaction among international degree-seeking and exchange students towards their learning, living and accommodation, and support services. The survey is conducted by the independent Dutch company I-graduate

The results of the IBS conducted in autumn 2017 demonstrate that international students at Tampere University rank their university among the global top. Compared to the other participating institutions, TUT received the highest scores globally in the categories for virtual learning, the physical library and technology.

"This is excellent feedback. TUT has invested in the development of virtual learning environments and facilities in the past few years. I'm delighted that the results of the IBS show that our efforts have paid off," says Vice President for Education Petri Suomala.     

In addition virtual learning, the international students at TUT are particularly satisfied with teaching and course organization. In these areas, TUT claimed the top spot in Europe.

International students place special emphasis on employability and careers advice. The careers advice included in TUT's courses was rated the best in Europe. The students at TUT also reported the highest levels of satisfaction at the European level with living and accommodation in their host city.

A total of 110,386 international students from higher education institutions in 17 countries participated in the IBS conducted in autumn 2017. In Finland, the participants totalled 6,650 international students from 13 universities and two universities of applied sciences. Of the 543 international students who filled in the survey at TUT, 372 were degree-seeking students and 171 were exchange students. 

Comments from students at TUT:

"It is an excellent university that has great industrial linkages. It has one of the best infrastructures and much to offer to a keen student."
"Great atmosphere and university!"
"The university and all its sections provide a great support system for English-speaking students. Everyone is making a lot of effort to make us feel included and expand the international community."
"The university has everything that a student needs, and the city of Tampere is very beautiful and safe, all the necessary service are available and easy to access and use."


Officer Terhi Kipinä, terhi.kipina@tut.fi

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Tampere University

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