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Student Agora. May 2021: Challenges and ECIU University

May 5, 2021


Student Agora. May 2021: Challenges and ECIU University



May 5, 2021

Open invitation to all students from ECIU member universities! Real life, real challenges, real solutions. Want to be a part of it?


Join our online event and you will learn about the ECIU University and challenge-based learning, hear the first-hand experience from challenge participants, and join discussions on how students can co-create the ECIU University.    


Day 1. ECIU University Challenge Session                     

26th May, 14:00-16:00 Brussels time/CET Online                                                                                      

The ECIU University offers students a unique experience to join international teams and solve real-life problems, provided by the cities, regions and businesses.                                                     

In the Challenges Session you will:  

  • Learn about the first-hand experience of students who participated in the ECIU University challenges.                            
  • Gain all why? how? when? answers about challenges and challenge-based learning.         

Day 2. Student Agora Session                                                   

27th May, 14:00-16:00 Brussels time/CET Online                                                                                           

You wish to engage further in ECIU University and help the student voice being heard widely? The student Agora is the place to be! During the Student Agora Session, you will be able to reflect and share your ideas on:    

  • Student vision on ECIU University, through discussions on the ECIU University 2030 strategy. 
  • Possible ways to recognize student engagement, both at the local and the European level.                                           


ECIU University is YOUR university. Grab this chance!    

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