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September 23, 2019

September 23, 2019

Aalborg University

The goal of PBL 2020 international conference is to challenge, transform and expand current practices through the lenses of envisioned future hybrid learning models and environments for engaging students. The PANPBL address both PBL and active learning methodologies.


PBL 2020 is organized in to tow overarching tracks

  1. PBL within specific discipline and educational domains
  2. General PBL and active learning issues

Furthermore, the conference is organized to emphasize research as well as practice of PBL and active learning. Therefore, both scientific submissions and practice-based submissions are welcome.

Submission Formats

PBL 2020 offers three types of submissions and pblication formats

  1. A Full Scientific Paper (max 6.000 words) to be published in the online conference proceedings at Aalborg University Press. The full paper should contain theoretical/ empirical research. (A selected number of full papers will be invited to be submitted to a special issue in the Journal of Problem-based Learning in Higher Education.)
  2. An Extended Scientific Abstract (max. 1500 words) to be published in the online conference proceedings. The scientific abstract should contain theoretical/empirical research.
  3. An Extended Practice-based Abstract (max 1500 words) to be published in the online conference proceedings. The practice-based abstract should contain a description, demonstration or reflection of PBL practices, a PBL variation or implementation or similar

Please note that publication formats will be combined with different ways to present your work, such as panel discussions, symposia, workshops, PBL problem-triggers, interactive posters, and more. A detailed list of possible presentation formats will be published in the Second Call for Papers.


For further information for the conference: http://pbl2020.panpbl.org/
PANPBL Association for PBL and Active Learning http://www.panpbl.org/
The PBL2020 International conference is held in conjunction with the IRSPBL 2020August 16-18 at Aalborg University
( Email: panpbl2020@aau.dk )

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