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November 10, 2020



University Staff


November 10, 2020

The ECIU University is an initiative of the European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU) that creates a ground-breaking and innovative educational model on a European scale. Through the initiative, the 12 European members of the ECIU alliance build the ECIU University with an open and flexible system, an entire new concept of the European University for the future.

 The ultimate goal of ECIU University is to establish a true European University where learners, researchers, business, public organizations and citizens are enabled to create relevant innovative solutions for real life challenges with real societal impact.

 The INSA Group is proud to be the French member of the ECIU University. We are a distinctive group of 7 graduate engineering schools that promotes the core values of the INSA model such as diversity, humanism, excellence, innovation and strategic foresight. INSA is committed to:

  • Inspiring industrials and scientists through entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Educating engineers, architects, landscape architects and PhD graduates, through lifelong learning and continuous adaptation
  • Cultivating a unique educational model, promoting diversity, inclusion and social responsibility
  • Fostering well-being on open and dynamic campuses


ECIU University Student community engagement junior manager


The involvement and engagement of students in the ECIU University aims to give our most immediate stakeholders the opportunity to become full partners in the development and co-creation of the future of universities in Europe. We are seeking a student community engagement manager who shares our innovative and entrepreneurial vision and who wishes to engage the student community in the building of the ECIU University.


The overall missions of the manager are twofold:

  • assist the ECIU Local Ambassador for the INSA Group, based in Toulouse (France) in developing the ECIU University activities across the INSA Group in France. The main assignments will consist in co-organizing specific meetings and events and communicating with the 7 campuses on ECIU University updates so as to engage the INSA community.
  • organize, manage and strengthen student engagement in the ECIU University. The junior manager will be in charge of developing a student engagement agenda and program in support of the ECIU University, both through formal representative bodies and active engagement in ECIU University activities at different levels across Europe.


The manager will:

  • initiate, manage, develop, and implement student community engagement initiatives/programs, based on thorough research and identification of best practices across Europe, and in close collaboration with the ECIU University community at large, including the Management Team and the student representatives at the ECIU universities;
  • develop and implement clear indicators of success to evaluate the effectiveness of the engagement program and improve/strengthen student community engagement in ECIU University;
  • develop innovative channels of communication, including but not limited to social media, and monitor the effectiveness of those channels;
  • oversee the development and administration of budget for assigned activities, where relevant



  • Master’s Degree from an accredited university in the field of European/international relations or communication/public relations
  • Experience in the area of student representation in higher education, locally, nationally and at European level
  • Experience in project leadership in the development, implementation and monitoring of student engagement programs/initiatives
  • Skills in building partnerships with businesses, non-profit organizations and other external partners
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills
  • Presentation skills with experience in developing presentations using a variety of software programs or platforms
  • Fluency in English (C1/C2), other European languages appreciated



junior manager, full time. 1-year contract starting in late 2020/early 2021


Work location

INSA Toulouse, Toulouse, France, with flexibility regarding teleworking part-time Willingness to travel across Europe (4 to 4 times/year)


(2500€ gross/ 2000€ net) per month

 Working hours: 37.5 hours/week



  • Health insurance (basic) included
  • Paid holidays: 51 days/year
  • Attractive prices at the INSA restaurant/cafeteria
  • Reduced public transport fares


Procedure to apply:

 A cover letter and a CV are to be sent to the HR director of INSA Toulouse at recrutement-rh@insa- toulouse.fr before 25/11/2020.

Institut National des Sciences Appliquées

With 90,000 alumni across all economic sectors and 3,000 new graduates each year, the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées is a leading French group of engineering institutes with several campuses. Based on a strong research-industry-education nexus, it attracts students with a high academic level.