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“ECIU University is an inspiring alliance” says EU Commissioner Gabriel

March 12, 2021


“ECIU University is an inspiring alliance” says EU Commissioner Gabriel

EU Affairs


March 12, 2021

The ECIU Presidium met Mariya Gabriel, EU Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, on 12 March 2021. The ambitions of ECIU University for 2030 were discussed. Gabriel concluded that ECIU University is a “promising” alliance and that “we all have the ECIU University 2030 Vision in mind”.

In the meeting, the President of European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU) Victor van der Chijs, Vice-President Per Michael Johansen, Treasurer Màrius Martínez and ECIU University Director Sander Lotze shared the ECIU University Vision 2030 and elaborated on the ECIU University’s take on the European Degree and Agora model.

Van Der Chijs underlined the urgent need for funding: “EU-funding helps us pressure our national regulations and frameworks to innovate Europe’s higher education”. He asked the Commissioner how to move towards a sustainable funding model. The Commissioner referred to the EU Recovery Fund that the EU Member States are currently implementing. Gabriel also underlined the extraordinary support for the European Universities Initiative by her colleagues Schmit, Timmermans, and others.

The European Degree is an opportunity to create something new, innovative, flexible and personalised”, stated Johansen. This vision and the ECIU University work on research-based micro-credentials was welcomed by the Commissioner, stating that this can serve as a reference to other universities in Europe. She invited ECIU University to continue to share our input for the future development of micro-credentials in Europe.

The Commissioner applauded ECIU’s work on life long learning, challenge-based learning and its Agora model: “A European ecosystem where education, research and innovation questions and knowledge of the member universities and their stakeholders come together” pitched Màrius Martínez.

The Commissioner promised to avoid a funding gap when the second phase of the European Universities’ Initiative starts in 2022. She concluded by inviting ECIU University to share input on the Higher Education Transformation Agenda, to continuously seeking synergies with other European programme and policies, and to share ideas and raise issues to strengthen the next phase of the European Universities’ Initiative.


The ECIU University is an EU-funded initiative of the Alliance of 12 universities in the European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU) that creates a ground-breaking and innovative educational model on a European scale.




ECIU is the leading international consortium of research intensive universities, with collective emphasis on innovation, creativity and societal impact, driving the development of a knowledge-based economy.