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ECIU proposes stronger outreach for Erasmus

ECIU Network

January 22, 2019


In a new position paper, the ECIU shares its ideas for the future Erasmus programme. A much stronger outreach component will ensure the impact and relevance of exchange programmes, according to the paper.

The European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU) believes reaching out to research, industry and society is key. Fostering social entrepreneurship ensures the formation of responsible citizens and strong and inclusive societies. Research-based education, (PhD-) traineeships in industry, support for career offices and local work placements for mobile students are only some ideas (ECIU) shares in its position paper to the European Union.

Other suggestions from ECIU relate to increased flexibility of the programme, better communication and more inclusiveness, digitalisation, the European Universities’ Initiative, increasing the international dimension and more opportunities for staff mobility. To realise Europe’s inclusiveness and educational ambitions, ECIU is convinced that the future Erasmus programme needs at least 90 billion euro, three times that of the Commission’s proposal. ECIU calls upon the EU Member States to help realise this ambition.

The ECIU is a strong supporter of the Erasmus programme, one of Europe’s biggest programme successes. It is a true EU ambassador programme, crucial for implementing Europe’s educational ambitions, developing a strong knowledge economy and strengthening European values and identity. ECIU shares more ideas for the future Erasmus programme in its position paper “Building on Erasmus’ Success” and looks forward to continuing working together with European stakeholders on the future of the European (Higher) Education Area.


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