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Apply now for the ECIU Team Award

Apply now for the ECIU Team Award



May 14, 2019

May 14, 2019


1. Key Assumptions

The ECIU Team Award for Innovation in Teaching and Learning is based on the assumption that innovation is multi-faceted and has the most impact for sustainable and transformative teaching innovation if groups and interdisciplinary teams of people are working together. Moreover, in accordance with the ECIU Teaching and Learning Statement, innovations usually involve creative teaching approaches that focus on student learning, are future-focused and foster social entrepreneurship in the service of challenging conventional thinking.

2. Rationale

We recognise that innovative teaching requires more than one individual to make sustainable and transformative changes. This ECIU-award recognises the efforts that are necessary by teams to achieve and accomplish such endeavours.

3. Objective

Teaching and learning is a core activity of ECIU members. Member institutions share a commitment to the development of high quality educational practices, which promote innovation, and the pursuit of excellence in teaching and learning. Therefore, the ECIU Team award for Innovation in Teaching and Learning aims to promote, celebrate and showcase innovations in teaching and learning activities that involve groups and/or interdisciplinary teams, in keeping with ECIU’s mission of “Challenging Conventional Thinking” for tomorrow’s world, today. More specifically, the award is designed to:

  1. Recognise teaching and learning innovations of groups and/or interdisciplinary teams amongst ECIU member institutions;
  2. Recognise and acknowledge those groups and/or interdisciplinary teams within and across ECIU member institutions who undertake innovations in teaching and learning;
  3. Utilise the ECIU as a key hub and driver for the promotion of sustainable teaching and learning innovations in Europe.

When we use the term group and/or interdisciplinary we mean different people and stakeholders bringing different skills and perspectives who contribute and collaborate in achieving teaching and learning innovations. We specifically include students as partners in this aspect

4. Type of Award

Each year there will be one team award winner of the ECIU Team Award for Innovation in Teaching and Learning. In 2019 the selection panel will choose a 2nd place as well.

5. Value of Award

This is a prestigious award and should be seen as such amongst ECIU member institutions. The award has a value of €2,500 that will be paid to the lead institution for distribution amongst applicants. In addition, 1 member of the successful team will be funded to attend an ECIU Board meeting where (s)he will be formally presented with.

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