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ECIU Researchers Mobility Fund

open for all applications

anytime until 31.12.2020

up to 5.000 Euros per grant

ECIU recognises the importance of cooperation in science, technology and innovation to become world-leading research universities. ECIU is committed to ensuring that its researchers are connected across member universities, by offering opportunities for collaborative research. In this context, the ECIU has adopted a Researchers Mobility Fund, aiming at increasing mobility amongst its researchers. Researchers from ECIU universities interested in establishing or extending high-profile collaborative scientific relations with ECIU partners may apply for travel support.

To facilitate the application for this support, a MAP of the Strategic Research Areas and Topics in which each member university is presently engaged has been prepared for the present core challenges of Smart Society and Manufacturing 4.0. These MAPS can be accessed through the following tabs and although preference will be given to applications in these topics, the addressed core areas are not exclusive, so researchers are free to search and contact member universities on their own and apply in other core challenges of their personal interest.


Luís Novo Testimonial
"When I first learnt about the ECIU mobility award,I couldn’t help thinking "here’s a cool way to fund a trip overseas and hopefully set in motion a new partnership". Surely, I was not wrong, but it was also so much more than that."
Luís Novo,
Researcher, Department of Geosciences, University of Aveiro
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Ali Baghizadeh Testimonial
Within ECIU consortium, he found the University of Twente , one of the world leading Universities in developing pulsed laser technique. While he was staying there, he got training on their available facilities to conduct his research
Ali Baghizadeh,
Researcher, University of Aveiro
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Ulla Saari Testimonial
"The mobility program provides a great opportunity to establish international contacts and build research networks"
Ulla Saari,
Postdoctoral Researcher, Tampere University
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Testimonial Lina Dagiliene
"KTU’s membership in ECIU is beneficial for every researcher of the University. It benefits our image and opens new opportunities to disseminate information”
Lina Dagilienė,
KTU School of Economics and Business
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Testimonial Esa Räsänen
"It was one of my personal highlights of last year. Now, we have many ideas for joint publications on the science of music that are likely to get a lot of media attention."
Esa Räsänen,
Vice Dean for Education, Faculty of Tech. and Nat. Sciences Tampere University
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Overall aims of the programme:

Basic application rules

How much can I apply for?

Academics can apply for awards of up to €5,000, to pump-prime the development of international research collaborations.

What can the money be spent on?

The funding should be used primarily for outgoing travel and associated subsistence costs. The benefiting researcher remains an employee of the sending institution, and as such will be paid the usual salary from the home institution; s/he must make sure to have sufficient insurance coverage, at all necessary levels while traveling abroad. Regarding financial support: while the sending institution supports accommodation and travels through the Research Mobility Fund, the receiving institution offers the office space; if experiments are planned, coverage of lab costs (including access) is to be agreed between both participating universities.

When and how can I apply?

Applications can be made at any time through the academic year, using the ECIU Research Mobility Grant Application Form along with a (two-page max) CV of the applicant. Please note that the form requires institutional supporting statement and signature, as part of the application. Please ensure that this is included in the form at the time of submission (your local contact for the ECIU Research Mobility fund will provide you with the information on the authorized person to sign the application). The application should be sent to the ECIU Research Mobility Fund local contact person.

How soon will I know about the outcome?

Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application in 14 days.

Application assessment

Please refer to the rules and regulations for complete information

Local Contact Person for the Research Mobility Fund

Aalborg University
Lone Groendahl Dalgaard
Advisor to Dean Mogens Rysholt Poulsen, Faculty of Engineering and Science
Universidade de Aveiro
Tatiana Costa
Science and Technology Manager
Universitat A. Barcelona
Maite Paramio
Deputy Vicerector for International Affairs
Dublin City University
Rachel Barrett
Strategic Partnerships Coordinator
Hamburg University of Technology
Krista Schölzig
Managing Director of Graduate Academy for Technology and Innovation
Linköping University
Per Dannetun
Research Director
Tec. de Monterrey
Neil Hernandez Gress
Director for International Planning and Cooperation
University of Nottingham
John Quirk
Head of Global Engagement Office
University of Stavanger
Kjetil Halvorsen
Senior Adviser
Kaunas University of Technology
Lina Vilčinskaitė
Administrative Asisstant to Vice-Rector for Research and Innovations
Tampere University
Ilkka Virtanen
International Relations Manager
University of Trento
Vanessa Ravagni
Head of Research Support and Knowledge Transfer Division
University of Twente
Telma Esteves
Research Grants Advisor