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About the Leadership Development Programme

In September 2003 the ECIU launched the Leadership Development Programme.  The main objective of the programme is to contribute to leadership development at the participating ECIU universities by providing a structured learning experience for a group of selected leaders/potential leaders.

The programme offers 20 participants drawn from the ECIU member universities a possibility to learn from their personal experience. The seminars are hosted every year by three different ECIU universities.


The main goal is to contribute to leadership development at the participating ECIU universities by providing a structured learning experience for a group of selected leaders and potential leaders. The programme provides participants with the opportunity:






“The 3 weeks of ECIU leadership training in Brussels, Hamburg, and Linköping, in 2015 brought many interesting experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the course content, the diversity of learning modules, interactive group sessions, simulation games, various test role-plays and, simple leadership tools and methods. The learning outcomes were well designed and quite eye opening.
ECIU leadership development program offered me some of the best days I had ever spent in my professional career. It creates many opportunities for those who want to make a positive difference as true Leaders in the University sector.””

Jayantha P. Lyanage, Professor
University of Stavanger
LDP 2015

"Our ECIU- leadership program had a strongly interactive and diverse group of colleagues from almost all ECIU- universities. The skilled yet eager-to-learn participants and the dedicated program leaders made for a great learning environment. The sessions provided the right balance between theory and tools for practice. I highly recommend this program to those interested in exploring how leadership in an academic context is different from other areas. The single best thing was the interaction with a very diverse group of individuals, exploring the art of modern management in academia. I made lasting friendships with some of my fellow classmates, and we have met several times since the program was finished. If they offer you the chance to join the program, do it."

Mark van Vuuren, Associate Professor, University of Twente,
LDP 2014

“Subject-knowledge on higher education within European and international contexts was ably delivered by the programme leaders and supported by interviews across the three workshops with University leaders and EU personnel in the field of higher education. Social and group skills were honed through engagement in small group work and simulations where we engaged in role-play activities characteristic of higher education institutional roles, structures and processes.
The opportunity to participate in the ECIU Leadership programme 2015 was a valuable one, both personally and professionally.“

Catherine Maunsell, Director of Quality Promotion, St. Patrick’s College and Senior Lecturer, Institute of Education
Dublin City University
LDP 2015.

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