PhD stipend in robot skill programming

PhD Student

January 31, 2017

At the Faculty of Engineering and Science, Department of Mechanical, Production and Management Engineering in Copenhagen, a PhD stipend is available within the general study programme Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering. The stipend is open for appointment from 1 April 2017 or soon thereafter. The stipend period is 3 years.


The project is concerned with autonomous and mobile robots in human-populated manufacturing environments. The aim of the project is to automate assembly tasks that can presently be done only by humans but which cause physical strains on the human body. The aim is that the robots a) are fast to program and b) are able to deal with natural variability in human-populated environments and c) are part of the manufacturing system while being controlled by an ERP system. This is very different from the usual manufacturing robot systems that are difficult to program and that require highly controlled working environments.We are mainly concerned with the development of robot skills, the human robot communication and the programming interface. The open PhD position focuses on RealTime robot control within ROS for assembly tasks.

The candidate should have extensive experience in experimentation of complex robotic systems physically interacting with the environment and should have broad expertise in mechatronic system design, ranging from low level programming on micro controllers to mechanical design.

The ideal candidate holds a Master in Mechanical, Electrical or Automation Engineering.

The candidate should be truly committed, fluent in English, should have top grades mathematics and control theory and should be a very good programmer (ROS, C, C++, Phyton, Matlab). Ideally, the candidate should have done his/her Master thesis in the area of real-time control and should have some experience with industrial collaboration.

You may obtain further information from Professor Volker Krüger, Department of Mechanical, Production and Management Engineering, Copenhagen, phone: +45 9940 2495, email: concerning the scientific aspects of the stipend.

PhD stipends are allocated to individuals who hold a Master's degree. PhD stipends are normally for a period of 3 years. It is a prerequisite for allocation of the stipend that the candidate will be enrolled as a PhD student at the Doctoral School of the Faculty of Engineering and Science, in accordance with the regulations of Ministerial Order No. 1039 of August 27, 2013 on the PhD Programme at the Universities and Certain Higher Artistic Educational Institutions. According to the Ministerial Order, the progress of the PhD student shall be assessed every six months. It is a prerequisite for continuation of salary payment that the previous progress is approved at the time of the evaluation. The qualifications of the applicant will be assessed by an assessment committee. On the basis of the recommendation of the assessment committee, the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Science will make a decision for allocating the stipend. For further information about stipends and salary as well as practical issues concerning the application procedure contact Ms. Ruth Klitte, The Faculty of Engineering and Science, email:,  phone: +45 9940 7993. The Faculty have a research school, The Doctoral School of Engineering and Science:

The application is only to be submitted online by using the "Apply online" button below.


Appointment and salary as a PhD fellow are according to the Ministry of Finance Circular of March 26, 2012 on the Collective Agreement for Academics in Denmark, Appendix 5, regarding PhD fellows, and with the Ministry of Finance current circular on the employment structure at Danish Universities.   






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