PhD Scholarship in Economics/Finance/Accounting

PhD Student

March 15, 2017

The University of Stavanger invites applications for a doctorate scholarship in Economics at the Faculty of Social Sciences, the UiS Business School. This is a trainee position that will give a promising researcher the opportunity for professional development leading to a doctoral degree. The PhD scholar will be appointed for three years.

Researchers at the department are actively engaged in the following research areas:

• Labour- and education economics (contact person: Professor Mari Rege, email:• Behavioral economics (contact person: Professor Ola Kvaløy, email:• Energy and Finance (contact person: Professor Bernt Arne Ødegaard, email: or Professor Klaus Mohn, email:• Environmental economics (contact person: Associate Professor Gorm Kipperberg, email:• Accounting and auditing (contact person: Associate Professor Marius Sikveland, email:

Applicants should indicate which of these research areas they are interested in when applying, and applicants have to attach a tentative research proposal for the PhD project.

Applicants must have a strong academic background with a thesis-based master degree within economics, finance or accounting and auditing, preferably recently, or possess corresponding qualifications, which could provide a basis for successfully completing a doctorate. Both the grade for the master’s thesis and the weighted average grade of the master’s degree must individually be equivalent to or better than a B grade.

The evaluation of candidates will be based on the applicant’s potential for research in the field, as well as individual prerequisites for research education.

The appointee must be able to work independently and as a member of a team, be creative and innovative. The PhD scholar must have a good command of both oral and written English. Knowledge of Norwegian is advantageous for the performance of certain tasks associated study design and data collection.

This fellowship position is important for obtaining a scientific position at a University.

The doctorate will mainly be carried out at the University of Stavanger, apart from a period of study abroad at a recognized and relevant centre of research, subject to agreement between the candidate and the university during the course of the scholarship.

The PhD scholar is salaried according to the State Salary Code, 17.515, code 1017, LR 20, ltr 50 of NOK 435.500 per annum.

The position provides for automatic membership in the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund, which guarantees favourable retirement benefits. Members may also apply for home investment loans at favourable interest rates.

Information about the appointment procedures can be obtained from Senior HR-consultant Kirsten Sikveland, telephone +47 51 83 37 01; email

Certificates/diplomas, references, list of publications, up to 15 publications and other documentation that the applicant considers relevant uploaded as attachments to your application. Upload all attachments as separate files. If attachments exceed 15 MB together, they must be compressed before upload.


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